2020 - A year of Ups and Downs

This year has been interesting to say the least, a lot has happened and it has been full of great moments but equally upsetting and downer moments.

9 months ago

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This year has been interesting to say the least, a lot has happened and it has been full of great moments but equally upsetting and downer moments.

For most folks around the world it was the year of COVID-19 and the lockdowns that were a result to 'save the masses' has it worked? We may never really know.

This has become common attire for those of us venturing to the outside word, please wear a mask to help all:

The Great Stuff:

It was also the year I started to focus more on honing my understanding of blue and purple teaming, built out a lot of skills in both areas and learned a lot about lots of different areas. Covered a lot on my blog, did a lot of talks online, did a few episodes of Weegiecast, spoke to some great people!

Blog Posts This Year:

I've written a lot of posts this year(15 including this one!) it saw me diving head first into defensive practices and some write ups about vulnerabilities. And the post that got me known by a lot of folks: #HoneyPoC

WeegieCast Episodes:

We have spoken to some incredible people so far on WeegieCast with 10 guests this year alone!

Talks This Year:

As most of this year was spent online I didn't get a chance to deliver some of the talks I wanted to deliver but fingers crossed I'll be able to give them in 2021. Here's a list of all the talks I've done in 2020 if you fancy watching or listening to any back :-).

Some Awards

For the first time ever I managed to win an award for my blog which was pretty nice.

Non Security Things

While I do live my life online and one could argue I live and breathe security, believe it or not I do have a life outside that of Twitter and Security.

This year, while, a lot of it was spent indoors and disconnected from a lot of folks socially and physically. There have been some things achieved out with security!

I have listened to a lot of music.
I have taken a lot of photos.
I have driven to a few lovely spots with my other half.

The edge of the horizon

I have made friends with some of the best folks online and become even more social than before.
My folks acquired a dog and I've managed to take it out for walks to keep me sane:


I've listened to a lot of music this year primarily down to working so much I listen to music all day every day!


Taken a lot of photos (here are some of my favs!, if you want to see more feel free to follow my other twitter):

Shot on Note 20 Ultra - Shot of Camera lens in the sunshine
Shot on Note 20 Ultra - Shot of Camera lens in the sunshine, the lens through the eyes of the lens
Shot on Note 20 Ultra - Glen Coe at dusk
Shot on Note 20 Ultra - Jellyfish in the heart of winter
Shot on Note 20 Ultra - Loch Lomond, sunshine forever
Shot on Note 20 Ultra - Reservoir in Glasgow 
Shot on Note 20 Ultra - Garage in the night
Shot on Note 20 Ultra - Out to sea
Sunny Glasgow...

I wish I could post all of the photos I've taken this year as there have been some absolute crackers!

The Not Great Parts:

It was this time last year where he was re-assuring me I was doing great and we were planning for a year of greater things.

Take care pal, I’m really going to miss you.

It hit me incredibly hard where I  was in the orange and verging to 'In Crisis' from image below:

A lot of my friends were worried about me and kept checking in on me and I cannot thank them enough. Sometimes it takes an external party to tell you to go the f*ck to sleep or just check you are ok.

Planning for 2021 and My Future

Well, it is safe to say 2020 has been an obscure year with lots of great and unpleasant moments. What does 2021 and my future bring? Well while I cannot predict the future, I hope next year I will be able to get back to training karate, one of these years I am going to privilege escalate up the dans (black belts). Maybe I will try and take more time out of security to enjoy other AFK things. I am not going to make new years resolutions as they are rarely kept to. I will however still try to bring great content to this blog and help folks who reach out.

Take care folks and thank you for reading, thank you for supporting and thank you for being great.

Andy Gill

Published 9 months ago