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Pilot Episode: Chatting Shit for an HourDavid Manuel (twitter.com/

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Pilot Episode: Chatting Shit for an Hour

David Manuel (twitter.com/Fuzz_SH) and Andy Gill (twitter.com/zephrfish) present the pilot episode of Weegie Cast.

This is our (mostly) unedited first episode where we introduce ourselves and make soft technical fuck ups :)

With WeegieCast, Our hope is, through the medium of podcasting! to take you on a journey across the security landscape, discussing anything and everything related to the diverse fields within.

We will be attacking this from two vectors, me the infosec rooky who is in the process of trying to break in to the industry, and my friend Andy here who is well established and respected in the industry who holds a wealth of experience, and a story that is likely very relatable to a lot of people starting their careers, much like myself.

We have a series of guests lined up for future episodes, aiming to bring you views from experienced professionals who have have been there and done it, who would like to pass on some of their wisdom to new and current generations of internet security professionals and beginners.

Today's episode, however, we are going to interview each other just to give you an idea of who it is you are listening during these podcasts, a bit about what makes us tick and where we are currently at in our careers, and to give us a little practice at interview!


Ep1 - Pilot

Ep2 - We're Just Whipper Snappers

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