David Manuel and Andy Gill present WeegieCast.

A long time ago, well roughly 5 years ago, two like minded people met and formed a partnership the likes of which the galaxy has never seen... with their powers combined they formed an internet security podcast called..."Weegiecast"

Dave and Andy, two proud Glaswegians, became friends over a shared love for technology, music and top notch banter. At the beginning Dave had just graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University after studying Audio Production and was looking to break in to the audio industry. By this point, Andy was well on his way to becoming a respected member of the infosec community. After some late night discussions over exactly what it is to be a "hacker", Andy decided to write a series of blog posts aimed at helping people like Dave wrap their heads around a technologically diverse and expansive subject with the hope of sparking new interest in the field and launching careers.

After a few years the turbulence of daily life took Dave and Andy different directions, until in mid 2019 the pair got back in contact, just as Dave was looking to change career direction following a redundancy towards the field of internet security. By this point, the aforementioned blog posts were turned in to a book - To date, "Breaking Into Information Security - Learning the Ropes 101 by Andy Gill" has sold over 10k copies both printed and digitally, across the globe.

As Andy continued Dave, during a drive to Steelcon 2019 where they talked all things hacky for 5 hours straight with barely a breath between sentences, it became clear that these discussions greatly benefited from having both the perspective of a newcomer in the industry and, by now, a seasoned veteran.

And thus, Weegiecast was born! A podcast aimed at tackling the diverse and often complex elements within internet security, in the hope that it may encourage others who may feel that a career in hacking is either unrealistic or beyond their capabilities, from all walks of life and starting positions."

We have a series of guests lined up for future episodes, aiming to bring you views from experienced professionals who have have been there and done it, who would like to pass on some of their wisdom to new and current generations of internet security professionals and beginners.

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Ep1 - Pilot

Ep2 - We're Just Whipper Snappers

Ep3 - Defcon Bonanza

Ep4 - WeegieCast Welcomes Special Guest MyExploit2600

Ep5 - WeegieCast Welcomes Special Guest Steve Wilson(a8n_pub)

Ep6 - WeegieCast Welcomes Special Guest FreakyClown(FC)

This week, Dave and Andy interview FreakyClown(FC) and hear about his experiences in outreach, security, running a business and some cool stories. We also dive into some brief car chat for fun. A really interesting episode with lots of detailed info. This is the first show notes!
Question for Future Guests:
- What is Your Password?
- What is your biggest regret in your career?

Ep7 - WeegieCast Welcomes Special Guest NoobieDog

This week, Dave and Andy interview Stuart Kennedy(@NoobieDog) and learn a lot about his journey into the industry some great stories along the way and some great banter. This episode is NSFW as per usual but it is also our longest episode so far!

Ep8 - DAkacki aka rand0h special guest

This week, Dave and Andy interview DAkacki aka rand0h who is not only our first defensive operator and first American guest! We went through some local Scottish dialect and general great banter. This episode is NSFW as per usual but it is also our longest episode so far. DAkacki is also a podcaster on SecondOrderChaos(twitter.com/2OCStream).

Ep9 - Yekki aka Phil special guest

This week, Dave and Andy interview Yekki aka Phil who gives us an overview of what its like to transition into the industry from a different career and from IT Support. We went through his path, some discussion around COVID19 and general great banter. This episode is NSFW as per usual. Go follow Yekki on twitter twitter.com/Yekki_1

E10 - Dan Card aka mRr3b00t special guest

This week, Dave and Andy interview Mr Dan Card who gives us an overview of all things CV19, how he got into industry. Our longest episode yet, but a very interesting episode, Dan has done all manner of things in security and has a wealth of experience. This episode is NSFW as per usual. Go follow Dan on twitter twitter.com/UK_Daniel_Card

E11 - Dave Kennedy aka ReL1K/hackingdave special guest

This week, Dave and Andy interview Mr Dave Kennedy who gives us an insight into a lot of different topics around how he got into industry what his passions are and a quick AMA at the end. A really enjoyable episode to record and thanks once again to Dave for coming on! Probably the most SFW episode we've done!  Go follow Dave on twitter https://twitter.com/HackingDave