The PWN Shop Lollipop- Steelcon 2019

The PWN Shop Lollipop- Steelcon 2019

Hi Folks!

Not long till Neil & I's workshop for Steelcon, if you're coming along you will need the pre-requisites listed below. Here's the summary from Steelcon's site;

The PWN Shop Lollipop workshop will teach all those attending, offensive arts which replicate the real world (APT) and red teaming, covering modern remote social engineering techniques, think payload creation, mail gateway bypass techniques, weaponized documents (macros, OLE’s + more) and the like. The workshop will be laid-back, fun and easy to follow.

Assuming you've got a ticket and a Steelcon ticket we'll see you there!


You will need a laptop with ideally with 8GB - 16GB of RAM, the laptop will require an Ethernet port, or adapter to connect to the lab for the second half of the workshop.  You might also want to bring your own ethernet cable, we will have some on hand but yeah!


You'll need virtual box or a VM equivalent installed and ready to go with Kali and a Windows 7 VM, both can be acquired from here:

Technical Knowledge

You should be able to setup a VM yourself and know how to work Windows/Linux!

Knowledge of Command and Control tools helps too but isn't essential.

See you at the workshop!


MyExploit2600 & ZephrFish