[Rant] Cancelling with Virgin Media

[Rant] Cancelling with Virgin Media

I'm not one to rant very often however today is that day.

Virgin Media. Literally one of the worst communications companies when it comes to communication. I have been in contract with them since December of last year and the speeds have been pretty crap in regards to stability.

It is not strong and stable. So much so that I turned to monitoring the speed for the past 5 days to evidence this, using a simple Linux setup to log speed each hour. However complaining to their team via twitter only returns the same questions:

  • Have you tried it on a wired connection? yes...
  • Have you tried turning it off and on again? yes...
  • Have you tried modem mode? Yes...

All of which seem to be their only options, then the suggestion is file a complaint via their 'helpful' process. This process does not advertise that you can actually do it via chat.

Enter next issue: Chat...

The chat functionality is great to an extent however it is only open from 9 till 5 which can be an issue if say you want to complain after 5.

So I start a chat conversation on their online tool, I am connected to an agent who goes through the script with me AGAIN...

So after all of this here goes the chat(http://www.virginmedia.com/contact-us.html):

1st November 2017.. Let's just let that sink in for a minute

Yep got it? That's at least 6 months away!

  • M: The 1st of Novemeber!?!
  • A: We are discounting customer's account depending on the speed pending until the issue is resolved.
  • M: I'd like to know my options for cancelling my contract as that is unacceptable
  • A: You can either accept the credit or you can cancel your account without a disconnection fee if you are unhappy to wait for the issue to be resolved.
  • M: I contracted with you for VIVID Gaming 200 Optical Fibre.
    I entered into the contract on the basis of being provided with estimated speeds of 200Mbps. I'm not being delivered this speed, consistently. What are the options from here?
  • A: We understand your frustration however this issue is beyond our control and we are doing our best in order to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Unfortunately we are unable to offer a fault free service because of the nature of services we provide. The notes on your account state that the first time you reported this issue was on 18th May 2017 so you are due a credit of £30.33 until 18th August 2017 and a further credit will be applied if the issue is not resolved by 18th August 2017.
  • M: That's not really acceptable is it? The fact the connection is dropping to below 25% of the advertised speed is riddiculous
  • A: That is the company's policy and the same thing applies to all other customers in the same situation so we are unable to offer anymore. I am sorry if this is not the answer you are looking for.
  • M: In which case, what is the process to cancel my contract? As I feel this is not acceptable from a provider
  • A: I can take your 30days notice today, We will waive the disconnection fee.
  • M: I'd like to cancel then.

This goes on for a little longer with some crap too and throw, till eventually the agent agrees to cancel my connection from today with no fees, and a refund. However, companies never like refunds do they?

What's the process to get a refund from Virgin Media you might ask? Cheque...

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is 2017 and Virgin Media cannot offer any other refund method other than Cheque.

"This is the company's process and the same thing applies to all other customers. The cheque refund is the only option. "



Account Cancelled, new ISP Hunt begins!